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Fire Disasters: Ensuring safety and precautions

Fire is a popular disaster which has so far posed not only a destructive moment in the lives of many, but also leaving them in a shamble economic condition. Despite these hazardous accounts, many are still carefree dealing with fire.
Over the years, fire has posed dangers to the lives serious economic, social and psychological damages. For instance,
Fire spreads anywhere, anytime and anyplace both at industrial and domestic levels. Consequently, we all owned a duty towards the immediate prevention against fire occurrence by exercising proactive measures in our daily lives and environment.
Lack of proactive measures such as resistance structures, fire extinguishers, fire alarm, fire breaking circuit, ineffective fire service so far would result to nothing, but non-manageable consequences. Meanwhile, several factors have been accounted for the spread of fire accident among which are smoking of cigarettes, lighting of match stick, electrical heaters, overheat, likewise leaking gas valves and fuel hoses, over-heated equipments, electrical sparking.
Apart from these, carelessness on the part of individuals contributes largely to fire disasters; this ranges from neglect or misuse of wiring and electrical appliances, accumulating refuse in work and storage houses, smoking in bed, exposing naked wires, storing of petrol and kerosene, when power starts to fluctuate and is unstable or very low, it is advised to switch off appliances, also refueling of generator set while it is running, leaving the TV set on after power outage, hoarding of fuel at home, and most especially, poor house-keeping.
Naturally, fire could result from such causes as thunder and lightning, hurricane, earthquake and so on.
However, several precautions have been proffered against fire disasters. it is advisable to keep those materials attracting fire away from children, to discard cigarette-ends properly, proper monitoring of food being cooked in the kitchen, put in place an effective portable fire extinguisher, activate a fire alarm service for prompt alert and detection on emanating fire, memorize or store the fire service call point. This if stored on a mobile phone should be made easier at a dial.
Seek for immediate neighboring assistance in case when fire goes out of personal control. On hearing the fire alarm, an instant response should be made at taking necessary available and a safe exiting route. Avoid going for luggage or personal belongings. Do not use a lift, but staircases. Do not lock the exit door so as to pave way for others to escape from the building. Avoid going back or moving close to the building until the incidence is resolved.
Furthermore, considerable effort should be made at reducing or eliminating fire accident in working places by increase sensitizing and enlightening workers against fire disasters and set up proper safety measures and awareness fire disaster. Employers owned a duty at ensure adequate information is disseminated to the employees on safety measures against hazardous conditions; and how to take appropriate action before such conditions result in a fire disaster.
Lastly, the best method of fighting fire is to ensure adequate prevention from its occurrence; in addition to the above listed measures, by keeping our house and overall environment clean, obey all safety rules, avoid bush burning, maintenance and proper replacement of electrical appliances, and many other precautionary measures to prevent fire outbreak in our environment.

Tola Ojo


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