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Last Friday we lost (as in missing) a son ..DELE. A fresh graduate of LAUTECH.

Dele had gone to the Computer Village in Ikeja to repair a phone. A quiet guy and a darling of all. To GOD be the glory, after 12 days, Dele walked in on Friday evening.

The summary of his story was that he had bought and drank pure water at the Computer Village and that was it! He ended up in Kogi State, a victim of ritual kidnappers.

His story is frightening and I will spare you all the details. There were two of them in the same situation at Kogi State (another victim from Ibadan). After their miraculous escape, Dele got to Lagos by riding on a trailer.

Now folks, do we avoid buying and drinking pure water again..? Where you can not avoid it, please be careful of where you buy pure-water from henceforth.

Bring this to the notice of your entire household and people around you!What will people not do for wealth and power? SHALOM…!!!!

By Isqil Najim

Saturday, June 4, 2011


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